Grindhouse Disappointment

grindhouseDeadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grindhouse has disappointment written all over it’s first weekend numbers. The movie’s opening is on track to come in far below the $25 million touted just a few days ago. Currently Grindhouse is looking at a take of around $13 million. This isn’t just bad news for fans of Tarantino/Rodriguez, but it’s also bad news for movie fans who want to support movies made without studio pressure and test audience reaction. Harvey and Bob Weinstein left Disney to form a company that trusts it’s directors and writers. I’m planning on seeing Grindhouse next weekend and I’ll post my impressions here. If other reviews I’ve read are correct, Grindhouse is a good film that stands up to the best both Tarantino and Rodriguez have produced in the past. Do we want to continue getting this glut of high budget crap that studios churn out, or do we want more oringial and innovative filmmaking? For god’s sake, folks, stop seeing crap like Wild Hogs, Ghost Rider, and Norbit.

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  • super spy y April 8, 2007, 3:57 pm

    What did they expect? Grindhouse is 3 hours long, rated R, and the trailers they released wouldn’t grab anyone but Tarantino and Rodriguez fans. I expected it to make around $18 million. It will do well in DVD sales which is what is really killing the smaller, original films at the box office. You can spend at least $15 at the movie, or wait 4 months until it comes out on DVD and watch it at home. It’s a pretty easy choice for most people. I prefer to see any movie at the theater, but most people aren’t going to unless it’s a blockbuster like Spider-Man or Pirates of the Carribean.


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