STUDIO GREENLIGHT: Frank Miller’s "Ronin"

ronin-frank-millerNo, Frank Miller isn’t remaking the 1998 Robert Deniro film. He’s bringing his 1980’s original comic series to the big screen ala Sin City and 300. The six-issue series followed a disgraced samarai warrior from the 13th Century who is reborn in the 21st Century to battle a demon from his past. Ronin came after Miller’s run with Daredevil and Wolverine but before his ground-breaking Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Though not as popular as Miller’s other work, it is no surprise that Warner Bros. Pictures has greenlit the project after the huge success of 300 and Sin City. The highly anticipated Sin City 2 is ready to begin production in June with the original cast and crew returning. Ronin wil be shot in the same green-screen style of his other films at a budget around $65 million. A script is currently being written.

Read more about the project here.
Read more about the original comic series here.

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  • ulrich10 May 2, 2007, 8:50 pm

    I’m a Frank Miller fan and loved Sin City – but I do wonder if the comic book to movie trend is peaking. I guess one big indicator will be how well Spiderman 3 does.


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