Two High-Priced Projects Being Shopped

dicaprio-michael-mannThe Hollywood Reporter disclosed that two projects with big names attached are currently being shopped around Hollywood. However, bidding isn’t as hot as expected because of the high budget estimations for both. Ringing in at a budget of $120 million before marketing costs) is an untitled Leonardo DiCaprio-Michael Mann collaboration with franchise talk buzzing around it. The story is a Hollywood murder mystery with DiCaprio playing a studio fixer. John Logan wrote the script. With such high costs and Mann’s reputation for going over budget, New Line is the only one to bid so far. We may not be seeing this film unless the budget drops $20 million.

The other project is Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of The Lovely Bones with a projected $80 million budget. The Lovely Bones is from a novel about a teenage girl who is raped and murdered and then watches from Heaven as her friends and family continue their lives. Even with such a high budget for that type of story, Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony, Dreamworks, and Universal are duking it out for the project.

Read more about the potential deals here.
Read more about the original novel of The Lovely Bones here.

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  • SkeetUlrich May 5, 2007, 2:37 pm

    I don’t have an opinion on the DiCaprio/Mann project, other than to say that it sounds like typical Michael Mann – which probably means it’ll be a decent pic.

    I do think the bidding war of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Lovely Bones is another example of Hollywood’s infatuation with “buzz” instead of substance. As a film fan though – I’m not buying into the Peter Jackson hype. Jackson is an adequate director. He obviously has a talent for helming big-budget blockbusters, but that doesn’t make him a great director. Take an objective look at King Kong. Strip away the eye candy and I think you’ll find a poor script, poorly paced editing, and poorly directed – and in some cases, cast – actors.

    Since The Lovely Bones isn’t a further visual spectacular that Jackson’ has become famous for – he’ll really need to step up to the plate to prove he’s got real talent behind the lens.


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