UPDATE: "Iron Man" Caught on Video

iron-man-logoA few days ago the first images of Iron Man’s armor were released. I commented that while the armor looks cool the more important question is how Iron Man moves in it. Well, IESB.net has come up with a supposed “spy” video taken from the set that shows an actor wearing the armor and moving around in it. The video does show that the armor has a lot of flexibility, but it doesn’t show him doing very much in it. Therefore, while I am a bit more hopeful, I am still skeptical whether they will be able to properly pull off Iron Man. I am wondering if this video was actually just released by the producers as a marketing ploy to help build interest for the film. If they had not, then it would seem that the video would have immediately been taken off the Internet. Hollywood wouldn’t do that, would they?

Check out the video here.
Check out the history of Iron Man here.

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