JLA Re-Titled ‘American Heroes’?

justice-league-of-america-jlaEven though ‘Justice League of America’ is in early pre-production, it’s already garnered plenty of groans and gripes from comic book fans. From the casting of unknowns after more familiar names ran from the project like the plague to the decision of director George Miller to helm JLA, Happy Feet 2, and Mad Max 4 (Miller directed Happy Feet and all three Mad Max films) – all concurrently – few have any hope that Fox Studios is going to produce anything that’s not embarrassing for the DC Comics franchise. Now comes news that the studio may have changed the name of JLA to ‘American Heroes’. What in the world could execs be thinking if this rumor is true? Do they hope to attract a wider audience who would otherwise be turned off by another comic book movie? I think they’ll realize what kind of film they’re watching after the first couple of minutes. Once again out-of-touch bean counters in Hollywood make another moronic decision.

For the full scoop on the source of this rumor check out moviehole.net and cinemablend.com.

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