Raimi Out, Weir In for "The Hobbit"?

peter-weirAfter The Lord of the Rings film trilogy made over a billion dollars worldwide, one had to expect Hollywood would look to other J.R.R. Tolkein works to cash in on. There isn’t anything better than his pre-Rings novel, The Hobbit. New Line Cinema, who did the Rings films and owns the rights to The Hobbit had been hoping to get Rings director Peter Jackson at the helm. However, they have been in a nasty fued over money distribution for some time now. Relations are so bad between the two that New Line said Jackson would never have anything to do with The Hobbit or New Line again.

Rumors have swirled for months that Sam Raimi of the Spider-Man trilogy was being asked to step in and direct. Nothing against Raimi, but I don’t think he’s the director for a film like this. So, who is? Well, Ain’t It Cool News reported that Peter Weir is the latest name attached to this director rumor mill. Personally, I think he would be perfect. Weir is an intelligent, very skilled director that always get the best performances out his actors as well as turning uninteresting storylines into very good films. Can you say Master and Commander? At the moment, there isn’t much credence to Weir being courted. Maybe this rumor will get the ball rolling, though.

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  • hulkfan May 11, 2007, 8:22 am

    Peter Jackson asking for the world to do The Hobbit? Not surprised. He has let all the hype generated over Rings to go to his head. He has mistaken the fans love of Rings as love and admiration for him as a director. I give him credit for being able to handle big budget projects and pull them off adequately – but he’s not adding anything to film history. I rank Jackson as a Spielberg protege – nothing more.

  • Super Spy Y May 11, 2007, 2:28 pm

    I agree. If Jackson had ended up producing something very special and unique with “King Kong”, then he probably would have cemented himself as one of the top five directors in the world. Instead, he took the original “King Kong” and simply redid it with better special effects. Boring! Jackson may really be shooting himself in the foot with his next project, “The Lovely Bones”. Many insiders are already predicting it fail in financial terms because the high budget ($80 million) and the low-interest subject material.


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