Enjoying Your Movie Theatre Experience

Enjoying the movie theatre experience is something everyone plans for, but it doesn’t always work out that way. The main problem is that many don’t take the time to plan their movie-going experience beforehand. Before loud kids, lack of parking, and crappy movies make you wish you had stayed home and watched a movie at home, let’s take a look at the factors that go into a great time at the movies!

Lets take a look at what goes into a successful movie adventure. We will prepare you for a great time out while helping you avoid common pitfalls. Please consider a couple of issues before embarking to watch a movie at the theatatre. Before enjoying the movie theatre experience, you need to figure out and make certain that watching a movie at the theatre is an appropriate fit for you.

Before enjoying the movie theatre experience, it makes sense to assess your personality and desires. Then compare that against a person already ready to have the best time at the movie theatre. You should always look at someone that is happily doing that which you desire to do. That is a great beginning point. Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you consider yourself a discerning movie nerd who wants to watch movies under the best possible circumstances?
  • Do you enjoy the social experience of watching a movie at the theatre with others?
  • Do you look forward to the other activities you can do before or after the movie?

These are certainly the kind of questions that someone who hopes to enjoy the movie theatre experience should probably answer yes to. By answering these specific questions affirmatively, that means that you have the personality type that would enjoy going to the movie theatre.

Of course, just watching the movie itself is not the most challenging part of preparing. Making sure you have a great time begins long before you get to the theatre. To watch a 90 minute movie, you need to prepare for process that may last 5 to 6 hours total. It would be sensible to become as primed as possible before starting.

Here are some suggestions to start you off:

Take time research the available movie showing times before you go

Looking up the movie show times is so vital. Don’t assume that your favorite theatre is showing the movie you want to watch at the time you can see the movie. In fact, don’t even assume that the movie you want to see is even showing at your theatre. Before you show up only to be disappointed, use websites like flixster to find out exactly if and when your movie choice is playing. Believe it or not, some people just show up to the theatre expecting their movie will be showing. Don’t be that person.


The most critical oversight that a person could make when seeking to enjoy the movie theatre experience is falling short with this critical tip. We all know how expensive theatre concessions are. However, most of don’t even consider whether we will want a snack during the movie or not. Consequently, we show up a little hungry and see the concession stand, and before you know it, find ourselves paying $10 for a $.50 worth of popcorn. Decide before you go if you plan to purchase a concession or not. If you choose to beforehand, you won’t feel so guilty for overpaying for your snack (plus, you are supporting your theatre – concessions are how they really make money). Conversely, if you decide you will buy concessions, you can prepare for that munchies urge by eating something before you leave for the movie.

Watching Movie Previews

Regardless of how much you prepare to enjoy the movie theatre experience, it is undeniable that watching movie previews helps you immediately get out of the gate. Even though the studies spend a ton of money to make mediocre movies look their best in a preview, you can still get a sense of whether the movie is something you are actually interested in or not. Does the plot look interesting? Do the acting performances seem compelling? Is this what I expected when I heard about it? These are all questions you can expect to find good answers to by watching movie previews. That would be why it makes good sense to get in the habit of checking out the previews now, before you get in your car and make the time and money investment to see a movie.

Enjoying the movie theatre experience takes a little more than deciding one evening to say, “yes, I am going to see a movie”. To increase the chances of having a great time, you should first invest in a couple of steps outlined above before you go. Ask yourself if you really want to go and deal stresses like parking or disruptive strangers. Ask yourself how important to you is it to see the movie you are interested in on the big screen? Is a sweeping drama or action movie best viewed in a theatre or a slow-paced, dialog and character driven piece that might be more comfortably enjoyed at home? Do you want to make an entire evening out of the experience by planning on eating out or do some shopping before or after the movie? Such activities can really improve how much you enjoy the whole experience.

Absolutely no one can ever say the movie theatre experience will be completely painless. It is undeniable you have to be discerning and outgoing to even consider enjoying the movie theatre experience. Just bear in mind that fulfilling activities take time and sacrifice. Those who are committed to following a few simple steps before they head off to see their movie will find enjoying the theatre experience much more gratifying.

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