Grindhouse Update

Harvey Weinstein is furious with the anemic $12 million Grindhouse took in this weekend. Weinstein blames the three-hour plus running time of the double feature for poor turn out according to Deadline Hollywood Daily. “Our research showed the length kept people away. It was the single biggest deterrent” Weinstein said while revealing that they originally hoped to come in around two hours and 30 minutes. In the end, though, both Tarantino and Rodriguez ran long pushing the film over the three hour mark. With a $67 million production budget and $38 million advertising budget, the Weinstein Co. is looking at a long drought before seeing any profit on this film. Harvey Weinstein is so concerned that he’s reportedly considering re-editing the double feature into two separate full-length films and re-releasing them as separate Tarantino and Rodriguez branded products. Weinstein said he could do this in as little as two weeks at which point he would release the Tarantino portion. Several month’s afterward he would release Rodriguez’s re-edited half. Weinstein has already planned to promote the two film’s separately for the European release, but a final decision for the states hasn’t been made yet.

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