McFarlane Working on New Spawn Script

todd-mcfarlane-spawnIn an interview with ‘Home Media Magazine’, Todd McFarlane, co-founder of Image Comics and creator of ‘Spawn’, revealed that he’s hard at work on a new ‘Spawn’ movie. If you were unfortunate enough to have seen the 1997 adaptation with Michael Jai White then you’ll no doubt welcome this news. The dark, edginess of ‘Spawn’, which really ushered in a whole new period of realism and grittiness in the world of comics, seems tailor made for film. Yet the first movie was abysmal by any standards – poor casting, poor directing, poor script, and horrible, disjointed special effects. Fans everywhere would love to see McFarlane get a ‘re-do’ on this one. I do have one qualm though. I don’t fear a repeat of the horrendous production quality seen in the first film, but I do hope McFarlane is open to a co-writer to help the script’s pacing and plot. McFarlane’s artwork is brilliant, but as a writer he’s often sub-par. Since he’s financing this ‘Spawn’ redux himself it’s unlikely he’ll take much guidance from others.

Fan’s of ‘Spawn’ will also be interested to know that HBO plans to release a 10th anniversary DVD box set of ‘Todd McFarlane’s Spawn’. The set includes all 18 episodes of the three season animated show that ran between 1997 and 1999. As well as the show, the four DVD’s feature storyboards, commentaries, and interviews. The box set goes on sale July 24.

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