New Image of Batman Suit from ‘The Dark Knight’

the-dark-knight-batman-suitWe’ve got an image from Entertainment Weekly of Christian Bale in the newly redesigned Batman suit from ‘The Dark Knight’. Coming to theaters on July 18 of next year, the biggest feature of the new suit is the cowling which, for the first time, is a separate piece from the main suit. According to designer Lindy Hemming, previous suits were constructed with the head and body connected in one single mold. Unlike other actors who have worn the cape crusader costume, Christian has full movement of his head and can now look from side to side and nod up and down. Directed by Christopher Nolan, ‘The Dark Knight’ follows Batman and Lt. James Gordon (Gary Oldman) as they try to stop a psychopathic killer only known as ‘The Joker’ (Heath Ledger).

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