Sad News for ‘Sin City’ Fans

sin-cityI’ve been excitedly waiting for 2005’s ‘Sin City’ sequel. The first Robert Rodriguez film that I really liked and the best Frank Miller screen adaptation to date, ‘Sin City’ blew me away with it’s brilliant mixture of noir-ish black and white cinematophy, CGI backdrops, and great performances from Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen. After seeing ‘Planet Terror’, the better of the two ‘Grindhouse’ films, I become a confirmed Rodriguez fan. I can’t wait to see Rodriguez and Miller team up again for ‘Sin City 2’. However some disappointing news is making the rounds on the net. Origninally scheduled for a 2008 release, the sequel is now looking questionable. Doubts first cropped up when Michael Madsen said in an interview that he hadn’t seen a script and principle photography, scheduled to begin this June, wasn’t going to happen. Some feared the film was canceled but Frank Miller has said ‘Sin City 2’ is still on track for production, just not right now. Both Miller and Rodriguez have moved on to different projects – Miller is working on ‘The Spirit’ and Rodriguez is remaking ‘Barbarella’. No word yet on exactly why both director’s have postponed production of ‘Sin City 2’. Even though Miller seems optimistic the movie will still see the light of day, if history is any indicator, it would be unlikely Miller and Rodriguez’s schedules will line up again for both to shoot the film together. If it’s made, I would expect either Miller to work with a different director or Rodriguez to shoot the film without Millers active input. Either way, don’t expect to see ‘Sin City 2’ in theaters for a couple of years – at least.

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