Shrek The Turd?

shrek-the-thirdThe third installment of the animation juggernaut ‘Shrek’ pulled in an amazing $122 million this past weekend. That far out paces past animated flicks and puts the film third on the all time list behind ‘Spiderman 3’ and last summers ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 2’. What makes ‘Shrek The Third’ different than ‘Spiderman 3’ and ‘Pirates’ is that reviews so far have panned the movie. Also unlike the other three-quels showing this summer, the first two Shrek films were well regarded by fans and critics alike. But with a built-in family audience, ‘Shrek’ is proving cirtic-proof.

Hollywood is having one heck of a summer. Coming this Memorial day weekend, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Dead Man’s Chest’ is projected to have a $180 million opening. One thing to watch for during this craptacular release is whether the nearly 3 hour running time hurts ‘Pirates’ box office take – especially after the initial rush of die hard fans. The failure of ‘Grindhouse’ is popularly blamed on it’s 3 hour plus edit. Hasn’t Hollywood learned yet that Americans can’t sit still for longer than 90 minutes? With the outstanding success of these films – all of which are mediocre at best – we can expect more of the same from studios. God help us all.

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