Thank You Jesus – Signs are Pointing to a ‘Wild Hogs 2’

Prayer works! Every morning since the brilliant comedy Wild Hogs came out starring the quadtastic group of thespians – Travolta, Allen, Lawrence, and Macy – I have been on bended knee hoping that sweet baby Jesus would whisper gently into the ears of executives at Touchstone Pictures to green light a sequel. Well, it seems that the Son of God is starting to work his magic. According to the movie news website, Travolta has entertained the idea of a sequel. Travolta reveals that movie exec’s of little faith had low-balled predictions for this cinematic masterpiece by projecting a take of only $20 million dollars. As many readers already know, Hogs made almost $40 million in domestic ticket sales. Let’s continue to hope that such a fine work like Wild Hogs gets its due and we see a second work from this brilliant acting team make it to the silver screen. These are the kind of films Hollywood needs to keep vomiting, er – I mean – producing.

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  • johnboy84 April 1, 2007, 12:17 am

    Different movies have different audiences. Hogs is for baby-boomers and who cares if this movie has an audience or not. It does – it made money – get over it.


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