White House is "Sicko" Over Moore’s Latest

Michael-Moore-SickoIt has been three years since filmmaker Michael Moore pissed off a large part of Washington, DC (mainly George Bush supporters) with his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Now he’s back with his latest documentary, Sicko, and guess what? He’s pissing off people in Washington, DC again. This time, though, the only pissed off people are those in the Bush Administration and pharmaceutical industry.

is a close examination of this country’s health care system and industry. The Weinstein Co. is releasing the film and says that while Fahrenheit 9/11 divided a lot people along political lines, Sicko is actually uniting them. Well, everyone except for Bush supporters which there aren’t many of these days. Sicko has been shown to Republicans and Democrats alike with a positive response coming from both sides. The big hub-bub about the film right now doesn’t actually have anything to do with what’s in the film. The controversy is about Moore taking ten ill 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba for medical treatment this past March. Moore claims the Bush administration’s healthcare policies have left these people and more completely on their own to deal with illnesses related to their rescue works on September 11, 2001. The White House is saying Moore violated the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel to Cuba. Since Moore fully acknowledges he took the ten rescue workers to Cuba, well, there isn’t much to argue. Moore does say the administration knew of his plans to do this way back in of October of 2006, and questioned the timing of the investigation being raised nearly two months after he went since Sicko is set to premier at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19th.

My opinion is that this is just another example of the poor decisions constantly being made in the White House. If they don’t want anyone to go see Moore’s film, then they should just not even say a word about it or Michael Moore. Before Fahrenheit 9/11 was released and the general public even knew what it was about, the administration raised all kind of hell about it in the media. That only raised public awareness and discussion of the documentary, made it the all-time top-grossing documentary ever at $119 million, and won it the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Academy Awards. This is going to do the same for Sicko. Moviegoers only had Spider-Man, Pirates, and Shrek movies on their mind before this. Now, you can bet Sicko will make a healthy run at the box office this summer. I had planned to see it anyway when it’s released on June 29th. I’m sure a lot more people will now, too.

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  • fanDoc13 May 12, 2007, 11:50 am

    I agree that this will probably be a case of “any publicity is good publicity”. After the failure of Grindhouse at the box office – the Weinstein Co. needs a big hit. How Sicko performs will be an interesting story. How much will Fahrenheit 9/11 affect Sicko? Both Moore’s fan base and “red state” backlash.

  • Super Spy Y May 12, 2007, 9:48 pm

    I think the impact of “Fahrenheit 9/11” on “Sicko” will be positive because people will remember how entertaining “Fahrenheit” was even if they didn’t agree with what it was saying. Therefore, people will be interested in seeing “Sicko” just to see what it has to say. Plus, “Sicko” is not a political piece as “Fahrenheit” was. It’s more of a social commentary. This also goes for the Red States. The health care situation in the U.S. connects with both Red and Blue States, so I expect all to check it out. However, I don’t think it will make the same amount at the box office ($119 million). I expect more it to perform more in the $70 million range.


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