Bridge to Terabithia Review

bridge-to-terabithia-posterNot often do I enjoy the movie more than the book, but this is one of the exceptions. My age says I’m an adult, but still enjoy movies aimed at children. This one should have an advisory that younger children should wait until they are older to see this classic.

The Disney animation, mixed with charismatic child actors, brings the viewer an escape from the predictable. You feel their frustrations as bullies rule their lives, and their joy as they build their fantasy in the woods. Family life is a strong force, but friendship is their salvation, only to come back to family bonding when tragedy strikes. Villains and heroes come in unexpected forms, and switch roles. An all too perfect world come crashing down.

Anna Sophia Robb is an actress to watch. She is refreshing as the misfit newcomer who refuses to conform. Her quirky charm grows on her two friends, as well as the viewers. No doubt she was captivating as the little girl who loved Winn-Dixie, and the perfect smart aleck Violet she was supposed to be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But as Leslie Burke she radiates in a role made for her. The fantasy all becomes believable. Can’t wait to see her next film!

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