DVD Review: Paranormal Activity 4

paranormal_activity_4_reviewHaving watched the other previous Paranormal Activity Trilogy, I was really looking forward to Paranormal Activity 4. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to catch this one while it was showing in theatres. I really enjoyed the suspense of the previous movies and was looking forward to it in this one. The waiting intently for something to happen and then nothing happens just long enough for you to relax and then BAM!! Some crazy scary thing happens and you jump and scream! The Xbox Kinect tracking dots trick was so cool. I bet everybody with Kinect tried that after seeing this movie. Anyway, back to the movie itself. It was good, not great. In some ways, it wasn’t as suspenseful as the others. It just didn’t have as many of those truly creepy moments. The most interesting part was definitely being able to see the “imaginary friend” in the light of the Kinect tracking dots. It did offer nice closure to the Paranormal Activity Quadrilogy, assuming this is the end that is.

Rating: 2 1/2 Popcorn’s


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