DVD Review: The Painted Veil

the--painted-veilWhy didn’t I hear more about The Painted Veil?  After keeping it at the bottom of my Neflix queue, I finally moved it up, not thinking it would be anything special.  To my delight, I was mistaken! This story by W. Somerset Maugham, starts in London, then moves to China during the 1920’s.

First, the excellent photography captured the breathtaking scenery.  Second, the story keeps you fascinated, wondering what the next turn will be.  (Not surprising, since it’s based on such a wonderful author’s book.) Third, the acting is above the usual performance by all, but especially by Edward Norton.  Yes, I’m an avid fan, but he rose above my expectations.  For the first part of the movie he seems a background player, there for contrast with Naomi Watts.  But when he goes to rural China to help with a cholera epidemic his strength emerges.  Norton plays this part with such depth and sensitivity!

If you missed this one, go back and rent it.  It won several awards, but should have won more.  If only for the scenery it’s worth seeing, but its value is in the story and acting.

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