The Internship

I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, but I really enjoyed it! It was much smarter than I was expecting and not nearly as raunchy as many recent movies in this genre have been. I’m sure it also hit a nerve with many of the 40+ crowd that feel a little lost in this new digital world.


Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are watch salesmen who lose their jobs because nobody wears watches anymore, they just check the time on their smart phones. After unsuccessfully trying to find jobs that are not too horrible, they end up getting much sought-after internships at Google. All of the interns are grouped into teams and given tasks to complete, with the winning team getting jobs. No one wants the two “old-timers” on their team, so they end up with a team of outcasts, made up of the leftovers that no one else would take.

It’s immediately obvious that Billy and Nick are of no use in the technical aspects of the challenges, but bring some much needed real-life experience to the team. They also help the younger, introverted geeks learn to live it up a little and explore their surroundings and enjoy life more.

This movie ends up being very sweet and the scenes on the Google campus and in and around San Francisco are just beautiful. I hope you enjoy The Internship as much as I did!


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