Netflix Streaming: Kumaré

Kumare_reviewFilmmaker Vikram Ghandi shows us how easy it is to become a spiritual ‘guru’ as he gains quite a following in this eye-opening documentary. Vikram poses as an advanced yogi and spiritual leader named Kumaré, while visiting the Southwest. He becomes involved with a yoga studio as the guest instructor, leads spiritual meetings, and develops several groups of followers and friends all while pretending to be a Guru. He shows how easy it is to fool people, but also how easy it is to become invested in the lie. He dreads telling everyone the truth because he comes to care for them and doesn’t want to make them feel stupid and naïve. After coming clean, some people are furious and walk out, but most understand what he is trying to say with this documentary. This movie is definitely worth the watch and lesson in human nature.

Rating: 3 1/2 Popcorn’s


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