A young girl fiMV5BMTcxNDI0NzUxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTIzMjkyNw@@._V1_SX214_nds herself in a lot of trouble with villains. Now her savior, Statham, has the duty of protecting her as well as outthinking the enemies that are chasing them. Why are these people after this little one? It seems to be a mystery to Statham as well, but these are the same individuals that ruined his life so he does not mind getting involved. Will he be able to protect the girl? Who is masterminding the entire situation? These are questions that can only be answered, when you watch Safe. However, this is a violent film so it is suggested that parents watch it with their children. The film gets a five out of five popcorn rating. To learn more about the actors or storyline, you need to go to


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