The Book of Eli Review

the-book-of-eli-movie-posterEven though I’m not a big fan of Denzel Washington, I really enjoyed this post-apocalyptic movie in which he plays the carrier of a book that promises to help save what’s left of mankind. The scenery is dark and gritty and you can almost feel the dryness and desperate need for water. Everyone that has survived up to this point has had to do so by giving up a large portion of their humanity and some have even resorted to cannibalism. The book promises to give laws, rules, and hope for the future of mankind, and Denzel Washington’s character, Eli, has a vision in which he learns that he must take the book west. He runs into a cruel ruler of a small band of people who also wants the book and will do anything to have. Eli is forced to fight for his life in order to deliver the book and fulfill his destiny

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