What To Miss At The Movies This Thanksgiving – Hitman

hitman-movieOh boy! Another video game adaptation! This time its Eidos Interactive’s Hitman, a video game franchise that produced four games in the series. While gamers have enjoyed Hitman, movie reviewers are widely panning the film – its script, its visuals, its casting. Taking a page from numerous predecessors Hitman, directed by Xavier Gens, follows an assassin known only as “agent 47” played by the respected, but miscast, Timothy Olyphant. Agent 47 is tasked with assassinating the Russian President but is double crossed. He spends the bulk of the film trying to track down who crossed him while simultaneously being hunted down by other assassins and Interpol. Not exactly a genre shattering plot and to all accounts a poor script (penned by Skip Woods) to boot. Though its bloody violence and gratuitous boob shoots, courtesy of co-star Olga Kurylenko, will appeal to preteen boys, its R rating will keep them out of theatres. Visit the Hitman offical website.

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