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Image from page 7 of “St. Louis Argus: August 25, 1916” (1916)
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Identifier: St.LouisArgusAugust251916Vol.VNo.20.
Title: St. Louis Argus: August 25, 1916
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Subjects: yellow menace japanese judge waddill segregation unconstitutional madame c.j. walker discrimination negro company league poro college negro folk tune festival joined train webster groves meacham park kinloch elmwood park east st. louis lynch mob northern migration cuban stars st. louis giants “”The nigger” “movie negro league baseball Publisher:. View Book Page: Book Audience About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to see book online to see thisillustration in contextin a browseable online variation of this book. Text
Appearing BeforeImage: ^ J.-^ UP ^ IfPSPf! ijWS? ^? *.-/ gfc an SALTOSKYDOME 2126 Mark.! Home Of Triangle Plays LL TRIAJJOLE PLAYS. KEYSTONECOMEDIES AND

VAUDEVILLE Tuesday. August 29THE OIRLILEFT BEHIND ME THE NEW odVEBNOB _ Text Appearing After Image: t ATRLETlW FILM THEATRE MARKET NEAR JEFFERSON Beginning Indiy. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■/ StTHE OEIP OF EVILPeUie l Greatest Serial Follower toUm • World • rnmoils Iron Claw. The Pendleton PENDLEtON & FINNEY BATUBDAY, XCGDST 2fl 30th “nU UnTip ^ ^ of The Iron Claw LIBERTYTrie great Ouiveraai Serial in.: M fteturday. TheId order to ginn moving image: e”t iitrowi he k * dt >. hb have actually decided tights *, week for ■
peciah program * beginning Sunday,
Jnlnta, l, Each Sunday. Tuesdayan >: Thursday will be apeein! featurenight. Admission. Adults. 10 cents; etutdfen -S MWtt, New Serial COMING TOTHE COMET Note About Images Please keep in mind that these images are & extracted from scanned page images that might have been digitally boosted for readability-coloration and look of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the initial work.

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