How Home Theaters Can Change Your Life

Summer is here and you know what that means? It means that the summer blockbuster movies will be coming out. What it also means is theaters packed with teens and adults who crowd the seats and the lines to the snack counter and the bathrooms. All of this takes away from your movie watching experience. However, movie theaters stay in business because they provide these movies on a big screen with incredible sound quality.

But what if you could save money in the long run and enjoy your movie watching experience all at the same time? To do this, all you need to do is to buy and setup your own home theater system.

You may balk at the initial price of these systems, but you need to remember that movie tickets cost an average of $ 9 nationwide so a movie for two costs $ 18. Throw in two sodas and large popcorn and you’ve now added another $ 9. If you want any sweet candy that’s another $ 5 per candy so if you and your date have one you can tack on another $ 10. The trip to the movie theater is going to cost you around $ 40 and you will still need to deal with the tons of people at the theater. Go an average of 10 times a year and in a few years you could have paid for your very own home theater system.

A home theater system is not difficult to obtain and set up. The basics of the system consists of a television that is 32 inches or larger, a DVD player to play the movies and 3 speakers to relay the sound to your ears. These are just the basics though. The best home theater systems will have at least 5 speakers so that they can be placed around the audience and create a surround sound.

One thing you should do is to check out the reviews for the individual home theater components and furniture you are looking to buy. The reviews are from consumers like you that have already bought the item and have real world experience with the unit. They can provide unbiased feedback on what items you should consider and which ones to avoid.

Getting a home theater system will help you out in numerous ways. You will avoid the traffic, the crowds and the exorbitant prices for tickets and snacks. Best of all, you will be able to enjoy the same movie experience at home with your family.

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