I am thinking of opening a theater that screens cult and classic movies, how do I get film reels?

Question by spyke_03: I am thinking of opening a theater that screens cult and classic movies, how do I get film reels?
I am in the planning stages of starting this theater up and the only problem I’m having is how I get movie reels to play in the screening rooms without violating copyright laws. I would much rather own a few films that I could rotate rather than rent from the distributor. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Taylor
This may sound silly, but did you look on eBay? They always have film reels for sale. Also, there are vintage film dealers that you can order from, although they do tend to be expensive. I would try eBay first. Hope that helps a little!!!

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  • alex03070307 September 14, 2013, 6:14 am

    Hmmm, that might be slightly difficult. You would have to contact the studio that owns the film to see what their policy is. Theaters nowadays pay studios a percentage of what they earn. They also return the film for recycling so there isnt a huge cost. The difficult part is that you want to OWN the film so that means the studio won’t be getting anything back in return after you pay the initial fee. I assume you would be charging people to watch so you would start making money off the studios property. I’m pretty sure the studio won’t let you do that.
    Another thing to think about is do you have a good projector. If you are talking about film that means you would have to get a 35mm film projecter. They arnt exactly cheap and they take some training. If you were to go digital it would depend on what you are doing. You cant use a DVD player and just play discs becuase if you did charge people, that would be illegal. Theater quality movie projecters are still very expensive, running about 70-80 grand.

    Sorry to be so negative but these are the problems I see popping up. The only theaters that ive seen play old classics just have them for a few week before returning them. It can be expensive to print up new film for old movies so distributers just send the same print around the country for theaters to rent.


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