Image from page 135 of “American cookery” (1914)

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Image from page 135 of “American cookery” (1914)
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Identifier: americancookery19unse_4
Title: American cookery
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Publisher: New York [etc.] : Whitney Publications [etc.]
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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property. Last Minute Hints While the jelly is cooking take twotablespoonfuls of the dark juice and addit to the light-colored juice. This givesa delicate, crabapple pink tinge. As soon as the jellying stage has beenreached remove the pan from the fireand allow all movement to cease. Ifthere is a thick scum that needs removing,it should be taken off very carefullybefore attempting to fill the glasses. Ifthis scum breaks as the jelly goes intothe glass, it will distribute itself through-out the mass and destroy the appearanceof the jelly. The light-colored jelly can be usedwherever the choicest jelly would beserved and the dark, spiced jelly isespecially fine with meat or fowl. Jelly, made very late in the autumnfrom over-ripe grapes, should have thejuice of an extra half-lemon allowed, andalso about a fourth more of grapes andwater on account of the added amount ofsoftened cellulose that mixes with thejuice and must be removed, at the last,with a consequent loss of more or less juice.

Text Appearing After Image:
Pests Made Profitable By Ida R. Fargo ABBIE ANDREWS had come tothe end of her vacation, whichwas never long at best. Back intown the air still seemed stiffling; it failedto refresh ones heat-jaded nerves. ButAbbie was more resourceful than some,perhaps because her tastes in life, as wellas in food, did not require high seasoningshe took to riding every week end to thetrolleys fartherest out-post, now in thisdirection, now in that. What makes you do it, Abbie?complained a girl in the same office.You miss so much. Catch me gaddingoff into the outskirts of Nowhere withMary and Charlie at the movies! Abbie laughed, a little lilting laughthat always made people wonder whatwas so happy in her heart. Miss so much? she considered.But I gain more. Didnt you everobey an impulse to picnic in the wilds,or tramp cross a pasture — bulls beingabsent — or find out where a trolley wouldtake you to? Not me, affirmed the admirer of themovies. Then youve never heard the call ofa wild weed patch, said

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