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The IMDB or the internet movie database is a huge collection of movies and their information. This database contains all movies along with every single detail of their information that have ever been released in the English movie world. All English movies have a place in this database and every year movies are rated as most watched or biggest favourite etc. so, it is all about a club for movie buffs who would love to watch movies even if they made you puke.

You can get all details that you want about a particular movie and that too along with pages on the internet which are related to it, even if extremely distantly.

Basically, just like any other movie lovers club, IMDB had started out and was a venture by a group of like minded movie lovers all over the world. The idea was to create a movie club where all movie fans can gather and watch great movies along side movies that need eggs thrown at them. However, till today this spirit of friendliness and attachment by a common love is present and meetings are held literally to see whether every new movie is being added or not.

The best thing about the IMDB is that these people are really serious movie watchers and the director himself can boast of seeing seven thousand films himself. Isn’t that amazing? How would you like to be one of them and have the same fun? Well here is your chance. We will give you a list of the best voted movies online and you will have to explain exactly why they are worth the position they are in. if you are successful then maybe, the director might like to see you.

Now, don’t take it seriously, I am just joking because my main purpose is to tell you about the topmost movies which have been voted as the best movies.

The first movie on the list of IMDB is the Shawshank Redemption. This movie was released in the year nineteen hundred and ninety four and was an instant hit. However, moving on, I shall check the shelves and get something good.

The next movie is a tad old and had been made when Al Pacino was but a very young actor but still with his unbeatable charm intact. This movie was the movie of the nineteen seventies and the name is The Godfather. The third sequel however is a movie of the same name but the movie was like a fight. The truth is that it was a fight, a fight between ma and daddy which would go on endlessly.

The next movies in line are the Pulp fiction written in the nineteen ninety fours while there is also the Schindler’s List, the Dark Knight and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? These latter movies are really awesome and you should make it a point to watch them.

Truly, IMDB has done a remarkable job by opening up such a meeting place for all movie lovers.  

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit IMDB and 4CHAN

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