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Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
From an Album (AL17) on the life of Warren Samuel Eaton who was born in South Dakota on June 12, 1891 and moved to Los Angeles as a child. He formed Eaton Brothers Aircraft with his brother Frank and they built several aircraft together. Warren teamed with Lincoln Beachy and barnstormed with him. He also built some of Beachy’s airplanes. Later, he assisted Glenn Curtiss with the design of amphibian aircraft. When the U.S. Government established licensing for pilots, Warren Eaton was issued License Number 85.
A short time later, at the beginning of WWI, Warren was employed by the U.S. Army Air Service at what is now Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
After the war, he went to work for Universal Pictures and developed miniatures to be used in movies. He built a set of San Francisco which was used to depict the destruction of the city during the 1906 Earthquake. He also constructed a copy of the Notre Dame Cathedral used in the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” movie.Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

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