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This upcoming movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Black Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard. New Movie “Green Lantern” makes one wonder just how many more superhero movies the public will put up with. Warner Bros. is looking to launch a new fantasy/superhero franchise even though we’ve seen plenty of movies based on DC and Marvel comics lately. It’s hard to tell if this movie picture will do well or not because eventually the public is going to tire of movies in this genre.
The Green Lantern has been known to generations of comic book fans since 1940 when the Green Lantern first unleashed his superpowers of infinite strength and the ability to keep destruction in abeyance. He can also leap quickly into space and back again. He wears a skin-tight, green outfit with a hood to match. It’s not as good looking as that of Superman or Batman and if you didn’t look like Ryan Reynolds there’s no way you could get away with wearing it!
In this new movie release, the Green Lantern has seen his father, a test pilot, die in flames. The Green Lantern (AKA Hal Johnson) grows up to become a pilot himself who feels that one should walk away from both plane crashes and women. Although Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively, heiress to an aviation fortune and a fellow pilot, has been dumped twice by Johnson, she just can’t give up on him.
Then the guardians of an elite group from an ancient and far-flung civilization invite Johnson to join their special group. It’s so hard to get into that there has never been a human in it before. The script, written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim, and Michael Goldberg is very wordy. Most of the audience isn’t going to know a lot about Hal as he’s not a first tier superhero.
The universe, in the movie, is composed of 3,600 sectors.

Oa has the most advanced sector and the oldest. Oa is an intergalactic area ruled over by wrinkly wise men that look a lot like Yoda and a bunch of other aliens dedicated to fighting evil.
Director Martin Campbell’s favorite character seems to be the amusing Hector Hammon, played by Peter Sarsgaard. He’s a brilliant, yet nerdy scientist, hired by the government to examine the corpse of Abin Sur. In his excitement he becomes contaminated and is turned into a mind reader who looks like the Elephant Man and has a love for the dark side. He also wants to settle a problem with his father, a hotshot politician played by Tim Robbins. Sarsgaard really seems to enjoy the role and often seems to be parodying John Malkovich.
The scariest threat in “The Green Lantern” is Parallax. He attacks earth as a brown cloud reminiscent of an octopus – billowing, changing shape, and breathing fire.

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