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My husband and I have gone on a date every Friday night, for the last 51 years.  Until recently, our date was eating out and going to a movie. It was something we always enjoyed and looked forward to, but the last few years have changed all that.  We go to very few movies today. Why?  Because of the quality of movies they are now making. Most of them are filled with sex, violence and bad language.  I have discovered why God gave us eyelids, fingers and feet.  I determine how bad the movie is by how many times I have to close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and then walk out. There was a time when we would be warned, but now even PG movies have their fair share of bad stuff and the kids movies are getting more evil.

This low quality of entertainment is really sad for us.  In the past we would leave a movie feeling happy, even romantic and uplifted. It was our break for the week. Seeing a movie was our relief from the stresses of our life and just a fun thing to do.

 Now we leave the movie depressed or upset that we spent the money to see it, or we are afraid, driving home, for fear we will get into a drive by shooting.  All those special effects look real!!!!!!!! It seems like mankind has just gone down hill.

 The present rating’s don’t help much, when we try to choose a decent movie.  It seems, there’s someone, in the powers to be, who knows that ratings mean nothing. They know they can throw in whatever they want and we will still go to the movie, because it’s what we’ve done for so many years.

 The present ratings are quite incredible. PG – Parental guidance – It’s like this – My dear little children lets go to the movies and I will guide you through sex, bad language, violence and killings.

 R – for restricted. Restricted from what? There’s nothing restricted in the movie.  Restricted – You must be 18 and then you get to enjoy the seedy side of life, where people make a lot of money trying to destroy your sense of goodness.

 Speaking of ratings, I think we need 3 new ones – M, P, E,&C

 M – for  morons,  P – for  perverts,  E – for evil ones ,  C – clean

 Then, maybe we could make a qualified decision whether to see that movie or not. Also, it would gather together all the morons, perverts and evil ones, in one place, so we can stay clear of them.  We could then sit in a clean movie with other decent people.

 As long as people pay money to go to the movies, Hollywood won’t stop making evil movies.  We need to stop supporting them! It’s interesting, now I know why God gave us brains, so we can choose to take evil out of our life, not just go along with it and accept it. If we don’t all choose to quit going to vulgar, filthy and violent movies, we will soon all be living in evil. Movies affect how people think and real life will become like the movies.

 Our night out has now become – dinner and a video.  My husband bought us a big screen TV, so we don’t have to miss the big screen at the movie house.  Also the oldies TV channels have some of those old movies we loved to love, when we were younger.

Eva Fry cares about saving our kids. Her book “Letters from Juvenile Hall, Kids Helping Kids” and Be a Winner in Life” are the result of her ten year volunteer program at Juvenile Hall in San Diego. She also cares about seniors, as she began her second career at the age of 60, writting three books and writing 60 songs and becoming an entertainer. Her third book “You Must Have a Dream”, tells of how she is enjoying her senior years and how she will encourages others to reach their potential, at what ever age.

Long Trailer for a new movie about the MPAA’s rating system.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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