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A press release is a statement or article about a particular company, its products and services, or a significant event involving that company that is considered newsworthy. It provides the press with the background information needed to develop a formal story. Positive coverage by the press is like free advertising. In fact, it can be more effective than advertising because press coverage is seen as unbiased by consumers.

Many companies do not have the internal capability or personnel capacity to develop appropriate press releases on a regular basis and look to outside firms or individuals to develop them. If you have an interest in writing and earning extra money from home, then this may be the ideal job for you. You can gather all necessary information from the client company to write a press release for them. You would earn your revenue by charging a fee per press release. A common fee falls between $ 200 and $ 250.

Presentation is very important, so you must follow standard press release formatting procedures. Also, the timeliness and newsworthiness of the information being presented is important. To write an effective press release, you must understand the product or company you are writing about.

Tips to promote your business:
Develop a viral marketing strategy where people can Tell a Colleague about This Service via a link on your site. This will spread the word about your site.
Develop as many links as possible from appropriate Web sites, directories, Web rings, and meta-indexes related to your target market. There are many business services-related sites that would be appropriate link sites.
Ensure that you submit your site to the search engines and directories. Companies looking to have press releases developed will often refer to the search engines to find the sites that provide the services theyre looking for.
Participation in cybermalls related to business services in your geographic area would be very appropriate.

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