Q&A: Dancing With Wolves Movie Critic?

Concern by MalloryProcter: Dancing With Wolves Movie Critic?
Im recently studying movie and my professor made us watch this film and offered us a short guide movie critic

If you watched the movie please assistance,,(actions below).

1. Introduction.
2. Analyze the style.
3. Evaluate the story (plot, characters, sybolism).
4. Examine the Genre \* I believe this film is ‘western’\* fix me if im incorrect.
5. Concluding remarks.
6. References.

I have to complete this. to have an idea on exactly how to do a movie critic.

first right answer gets 10 POINTS !!: D.

Best answer:

Answer by Avid Film Freak
So if you’re not ready to do the work, why the heck are you taking a film course ?!?!?

It is an experience drama, with a western sub-genre. Find a style, and chat about it. It’s not that hard. You have a guide, find out to do the work yourself!

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  • 42Fied Icon March 7, 2014, 10:44 am

    1. Introduction:
    the movie opened up with the main character (John Dunbar) played by Kevin Costner is lying on a cot and suffering from a battle wound to his leg. the period was during the civil war, the setting was a medical tent. John Dunbar overheard that his leg will have to be aputated due to the severity of his wounds. upset with the news John flees the tent and mounts his horse on a suicide mission towards the enemies position. he rides directly in front of the confederate infiltry line mocking their shooters. the enemy soldiers begin taking shots at John as he rides by with his arms spread eagle. just as a man taking aim at John is about to fire, he is shot in the head by an opposing soldier. the distarction caused by John’s antics gives the Union batalion an opportunity to mount a to surprise attack. the general on the field commended John Dunbar’s heroic and sees to John receiving the best medical attention in order to save his injured leg… [the introduction deplicts John Dunbar to be fearless, bold, and quite careless. here is a man who was willing to die for the sake of losing a leg.]

    2. Analyze the theme:
    Dances with Wolves illustrates a different view of Native Americans, which is not frequently deplicted in most western films. despite the main character being a US soldier, the story leads him into the camps of an unknown enemy. we get to see how the some Tribes welcome uninvited visitors tresspassing on the lands. we share in John Dunbar’s experience of hunting and trading with his new found neighbors. we witness the struggles Native Americans endured when amny US settlers would massacre wild buffulo, which was the life line of many indiginous tribes. the movie also takes us into the camps of the Souix indians where we get a look at their social and romantic baviors, and even how they defended their homes from invaders. therefore I would say the theme of the film was to educate the viewer on a different aspect of US history, beyond what we are taught in school.

    3.Analyze the story (plot,characters,sybolism):
    I believe the plot was John Dunbar finding his place in life, and realizing that treasures can be found outside the relm of your own comprehension. he was a lost sole searching for his purpose in life and found it where he’s least expected it,

    4. Analyze the Genre *I believe this movie is ‘western’* correct me if im wrong:
    I would say the movie is more of a Period film, or Drama. the setting was in fact surrounding the midwest, but the story is based on the relationship between a man who has nothing to lose, and a tribe of Native Americans whom has everthing to lose.

    5. Concluding remarks: you’re on your own

    6.References: you’re on your own


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