Q&A: how to enter a film festival?

Concern by why not: how to enter a film celebration?
exactly how do i enter a film celebration, does it cost anything?
likewise, me and a parter are currently composing around a 90 page scary script, for a low budget plan horror movie. leading get in movie festivals exists a limitation to how long it needs to be, because i am doing a low spending plan film, im making it around in between 1 hour and 30 minutes.
or do you think i should choose simply an hour one? idk

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Answer by earth_angelus
Many film celebrations have an entry fee for submissions. The fee differs with the celebration. A great deal of celebrations make use of Withoutabox (www.withoutabox.com) for entries – it’s free to sign up for a filmmaker’s account and you can get in mutiple celebrations fairly quickly and pay the entry charges online. Up until now as the length goes, ther eis no limit to how long it can be, but if you are making a 90 minute film it much better be quite darn interesting for the whole 90 minutes! I made use of to jury a film celebration and for a function movie, after 15 minutes we would vote on whether it was worth our time to watch the rest of it; however the majority of short movies we would see the entire thing. An hour long movie is actually an awkward length – some festivals consider a brief movie anything less than HALF AN HOUR and a feature anything over 70, so a 60 minute movie doesn’t fit either classification.

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