Q&A: What is the best way to sneak snacks into a movie theatre?

Concern by STEVEN: Exactly what is the finest means to slip treats into a film theater?
I dislike paying high prices for cinema treats. What is the best way for a man to sneak food and alcoholic beverages into the show? When I choose my better half, I just stick them in her bag, however what if I’m by myself and don’t have access to a bag?

Also, exactly what if the snack I desire to sneak in is messy? Like some nachos covered with cheese sauce?

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Answer by WELIV
Pockets. they do not pat you down in a film theater. You just can’t bring in foolishness like nachos and cheese. Bring in small chip bags and those beverages that can be found in aluminum bags with little straws. If you desire nachos and chicken fingers, you gotta pay.

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  • Paurvi November 26, 2013, 2:07 am


  • S.R~tricks~ November 26, 2013, 2:33 am

    Tupperware! Throw your nachos and cheese in there! it’ll keep your food warm and if it seals tight you can stash it anywhere without worry. or stop at taco bell and get a couple burritos; there great for tucking away in coat pockets, they stay warm and don’t fall apart everywhere. It’s better if you’ve got cold weather because then you can hide all sorts of snacks and drinks in your big puffy coat or slip a chocolate bar or chips in your mittens or boots. even in your hat! If it’s not cold enough for a coat where you’re from bring a sweater but don’t wear it. wrap your snacks up inside it then carry it in as though you’re bringing it to wear in the theatre because it gets cold in there. cans of pop are great just remember to open them during a loud preview so no one hears or a water bottle or juice box works great too. always remember to throw your garbage out when you leave too. I have this worry that if movie theatre custodians are going to find garbage from outside snack sources they’ll start cracking down on checking peoples purses and coats.


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