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Image from page 7 of “St. Louis Argus: May 19, 1916” (1916)
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Identifier: St.LouisArgusMay191916Vol.VNo.6.
Title: St. Louis Argus: May 19, 1916
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Topics: progressive age 1916 segregation anti-segregation racism poro college annie malone charles turpin pullman porter g. h. crawford Lawrence greene submarine booker washington theater waco st. louis giants cuban stars baseball negro league federal park webster groves elmwood park kinloch east st. louis african american journalism movies

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Text Appearing Before Image:
esent * three aongnumbera that sr” well received. Al-thungfc- she iw very hoene Mondaynight, * he succeeded, twine, compelled to MeGarr and Pi.rnnll, a lively singingand dancing ti-am have an artistic actths.i brings significant polish. Theysing well, bwvera to date jokea andeloae with a d4nec>> 1iatia complete of ginger. Seymore and Mary. ~ S<< i [t_dancing Mtheir main asset are well tolaa frontin tbia line. They sandwich in severalsongs and some good talks. Their clogdancing make a Iremendoua bit. AN ALL TRIANGLE PROGRAM AT( THE RIALTO atJNDAY Tbe new Ri * 1to Alrdome at 212 * Market (tree-, will reveal an all starTriangle program Sunday. AbbaOr, a tale uf en adventurous American, ia thi Hawaiian Islands. aa_ars lavrinded. These picturea are ihowohigh priced theatre * oaly. BHTJ OT1 BO AD taenia! drama of Ihe Booth, in in set * including Harold Loekwoed and MaryAJueon, anppnrted by an all atar east, wilt be akowa at lb * Oasaat Oskaaw

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PROF. W. L GUDSTONE, The Old Reliable CLAIRVOYANT Reading: Charge Low 50c WSCENETFROM”WHOSYQU 1 L * TYV CHAPTER NO. 1 (PATHE). his profosHlonal gripping photo drambn, total ineach njiisiidc, will he aecn at theCon -reycry Wadaatdajr beginningWedneiday, May 2 ^. The title of the1 Puppets of PaU, featurn ^-Kilaon und Tom Moore,(leorgo Hullard, a riting ymmsa, riTitivra Iho long lasting (rati-tudo of l>> r. Itamlolph Clarke when liedaughter fromdeath by means of a very deliinEepDratinn. Through thi-. he uioets Mrs.ylvin, n widoiv who in gaxioiuj fouriil a hnepitn! with anme moje-vhieh wm left li> > hrr. Bbe offer * theoaitlnn of bend aurfeon to Dr. Bill-iard nnd he necapta. Mm. ^ Bnda thenmake * it her point lo nircl the ye, ilmlor on every i-niiliie occasion, lirniiaing his other half lo beenme jcaloUk. Ilnaril toiih linda himself ihiply inii- the hospitnl. She oven hinU to him thata divorce would be agroesblo to her. Home tiruo later, while her husbandia in Xcw. York eooftrring with Mra.Man

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