Top Bluray DVD Ripper Reviews come out

After testing a lot of bluray dvd rippers, Feilong Software finally finished the comparision chart for the popular bluray DVD Rippers. You may visit to learn the detailed review.

In order to give others reliable and objective bluray rippers reviews, to really save your time on looking for an easy-to-use and effective blu-ray ripper, they downloaded the popular bluray rippers and test them carefully. They think the most important feature of a bluray dvd ripper is that it can remove both AACS and BD+ Protection. In order to test the decryption ability of different bluray DVD Rippers, they bought a lot of bluray movies with different generation BD+ protection, from the first generation to the recent released generation which is said has the strongest BD+ protection. For example, Fantastic 4, Ice age 3, Spider Man 3, Jumper, Slumdog Millionaire, The Day After Tomorrow, Avatar etc. They also used the DVDs which has the latest copy protection, such as “Up in the air”, “Shutter Island”, “Commando” etc to test, since these bluray rippers are also a DVD Ripper at the same time.

Besides the function set of buray rippers, they know customer service is also an important fact of a software team. So they email to those support team to experience their customer service. They pay attention to their reply time and the quality of the email, then give out their review.

So, their reviews are really objective and reliable. They don’t like other review sites who just paste the instructions of the bluray ripper from the developers site. All the words on their site is written by themselves, and the words are based on their tests.

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Give you objective and reliable reviews on bluray ripper and DVD ripper software. Save your time to test numourous bluray converters on the internet.

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